The Waitrose Efffect

The Waitrose Efffect

“…house prices in areas where there was a [waitrose] store were typically 25% higher than the UK average”




A symbiosis model of a relation between landowner, developer and client is proposed where the site is still in the hands of an original owner and becomes a base **Money Factory – Superland** containing local businesses and production whose potential clients (new residents) are brought to the site by the developer.

The Value of Land(fill)


House prices across the UK continue to rise at a rate above inflation, making traditional forms of development less feasible unless supported by government initiatives such as the help to buy scheme.

One of the key causes of increased  house prices in the UK, is the price of land available for development . With government planning policies such as the Metropolitan Green Belt constraining the growth of urban areas, brownfield sites become increasingly sought after for development purposes.

Landfill operator, SITA  realizing this, propose a radical solution to Guildford Borough Council. Housing on the ultimate brown field site, landfill. Albury Landfill Site becomes Albury Sands a new housing enclave living off waste from other towns.

The graph shown explores two different models around which development could occur.

1. Immediate remediation of the site allowing for short term returns but loss in potential mineral extraction from the site over it’s lifetime.

2. Long term remediation through the construction and utilization of the development as a remediation process. Allowing SITA to profit from both the housing and mineral extraction from the site over the next 50-60 years.