ADS2 CPD #1: Law

gDSC_3923.jpgPhoto: 16 current laws and 16 transformations, Gilbert Leung at DK-CM.

This year, whilst on sabbatical, ADS2 is holding a series of three CPD* workshops, one per term, open to all MA Architecture students.

Based on the sessions that ADS2 has run for several years, the workshops will be opportunities to ground projects in the realities of practice ā€“ law, economics and politics ā€“ and see these not as constraints but as fields for critical and creative design.

Each workshop will involve developing students’ thesis projects through an unfamiliar lens, and an unfamiliar format, to produce potentially profound and surprising design outputs.

Workshops will start with an evening briefing, a day-long working session with tutorials, and then an evening review, each framed by talks and criticism from invited special guests from outside of architecture: politicians, activists, economists, lawyers, policymakers, developers.

Each workshop will be run by David Knight and Finn Williams, with support from Asif Khan and Charles Holland and from invited guests.

The first workshop, Law, happened on the evening of 21 November and all day on the 22nd, with guests Cat Drew of the Cabinet Office Policy Lab, Asif Khan (ADS2) and Phineas Harper (The Architecture Foundation). Using only the Comment and Track Changes functions of Word, students explored the possibilities of 16 existing pieces of legislation and then developed interventions in each law, teasing our latent potentials or transforming them to achieve new ends.

* ‘Critical Professional Development’



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