The Conservation of National Assurances


Above: an example of presenteeism in the office

This morning the publication of the ‘Thriving at Work’ report, commissioned by Theresa May, revealed the material impact that mental health is having on the British economy (up to £99 billion)*. Although the evaluation of the cost impact, over the experiential impact, embodies current consumerist attitudes towards personal suffering, It couldn’t have come at more relevant time.

Alongside the impact to the British economy, our mental health has a huge impact on the finite life of the individual and the continuing life of society.

With the rise of secular society, loss of spiritual and community benefits, and the collapse of the welfare state (along with all its assurances), collective anxiety is at an all time high.

Without a narrative or collective identity to which we belong, I am intending to conserve a lost sense of national assurance, with which we used to find in cultural, institutional and government authorities.

Eleanor C.Hill

*Thriving at Work: a review of mental health and employers. (26th October 2017). Department for Work and Pensions and Department of Health.