An exploration into the semi-detached housing in Bournville. Architect William Harvey wrote that “monotony should be avoided by variation”, this short animation intends to offer commentary on the similarities and differences in the elevations of Bournville cottages.


Basildon New Town

This short film documents the New Town of Basildon and the Plotland settlements which preceded it. The Plotland movement was born out of the availability of low-income families to purchase cheap agricultural land and subsequently build their own makeshift homes upon it. This conjures up a series of questions within a context of urgent housebuilding targets and a renaissance of self-build as a politically acceptable solution and how we might learn from this particular part of our social history to address these concerns.

Natural Escapism

Is escapism a bad thing and is it enabled or inhibited by the Metropolitan Green Belt? Does over-protection of the Green Belt represent a coping mechanism for our ongoing societal grapples with nature?

Echoing the passivity of surveillance footage alongside a disorientating realigned soundtrack, the short film constructs the illusion of getting lost – the true escape.