Green Belt Atlas published by the London Society


Last year’s ADS2 cohort put together a comprehensive qualitative atlas of London’s Metropolitan Green Belt. That research has now been published by the London Society in a position paper authored by Jonathan Manns, and available for PDF download here.

The paper was launched at an event in London on Monday, at which David presented the research and some of the resulting projects. The event was covered by The Planner magazine. Read the coverage here.


WIP Show & Volume #38


ADS2 will be showing our work in progress in the Green Belt at the RCA School of Architecture WIP show, opening tonight and open for the rest of the week. In the ADS2 space, apart from a very special table, will be the new edition of Volume, ‘The Shape of Law‘, a fantastic issue which happens to feature an essay on the Metropolitan Green Belt and the context of this year’s programme by Charles, David and Finn

LCC housing in the Metropolitan Green Belt


Writing about the creation of the Metropolitan Green Belt, Nick Barratt in Greater London: The Story of the Suburbs writes of how, in the very early days of the belt’s existence, the London County Council itself build substantial areas of new housing within its limits, at Debden in Essex and Oxhey in Hertfordshire.

Interestingly, Debden was the area to which interviewee’s of Willmott and Young’s influential Family and Kinship in East London were moved. Here’s a website on Debden’s history, and another on Oxhey, shown in aerial view above.